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About Merit Badges (Kim F. - Advancement Chair)

Introduction to Merit Badges via
Merit Badge Workbooks / Worksheets via


Merit Badge Procedures

~No one may start a MB until they have met with the Advancement Chairperson.~

1.    Visit - read through the merit badges and their requirements.

2.    Choose a Merit Badge (MB) that interests you.

3.    Meet with Advancement Chairperson to request a Merit Badge Counselor (MBC).

4.    Print the workbook for your MB.

5.    Work with your MBC to complete your MB.

6.    When you have completed all requirements for your MB, bring your workbook w/MBC signature and date to the Advancement Chairperson.

7.    Within two weeks (generally), you will receive your blue card and merit badge at Closing of the meeting.

8.    At the next Court of Honor (CoH held twice per year), you will receive your official MB card.

9.    All MB cards (blue and green/white), should be put in a safe place (baseball card pages in a notebook work well for this).

  Whenever working with your MBC, you MUST always have a buddy.  This is a National Advancement Committee requirement.  Your buddy can be a friend, fellow scout, adult (male or female), or parent.  Your buddy does not have to do the MB with you they just need to be present with you.         

  All MBs will be stapled onto blue cards the way they should be sewn onto the sash some MBs have no clear top or bottom so hopefully this will help you properly orient them on your sash.  Tips for sewing the first MBs on your sash are available upon request (the goal is to sew them on once - J).

  Exceptions to the above procedures: 

o   Summer Camp Camp Rainey Mountain (CRM) will provide a report to the Advancement Chair

o   Advance-a-Ramas (i.e. Walk-in-the-Woods, Pathfinders) these events dictate their own procedures so be sure if you register at these events you email the Advancement Chair so that proper paperwork can be provided or collected

Revised 07/01/12


Counselors Needed!

These are the Merit Badges that still need counselors.  All that is needed is to fill out an application, and info form - there is NO FEE to be an MBC.   With more Merit Badge Counselors, we can offer more MBs to our boys more easily. 

Youth Protection Training

Merit Badge Counselor Information & Requirements

Merit Badge Counselor Information Form - Required

Adult Leader Application - Required

The following MBs have additional training required for MBCs: Rifle Shooting, Shotgun Shooting, Canoeing, Climbing, Lifesaving, Rowing, Scuba, Swimming, Snow Sports, and Whitewater. Anyone interested in these MBs should see Kim Ferbrache for further information.
All MBCs should also take Hazardous Weather training available from the same site as YPT and MBC training - this is something new they are asking for.